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Welcome to the Made for Communion Project


Welcome to the Made for Communion project.  This page is intended for potential benefactors who are interested in helping us to produce the video series.  The current status of the project is that we have completed the program's study guide and we have partnered with a film production company, Project 36, to film and produce the video series.  We have some small donors at this point but still have some distance to go to fund the entire effort.  The sidebar to the right provides information about how to donate.  It also has the Made for Communion project trailer which was produced by Project 36.  We also have a link in our sidebar in which you can order our study guide if you would like to see the content of the program in more depth.

Introduction to the Program

Made for Communion’s unique approach to explaining the faith has the aim of showing its relevance by explaining how every aspect of Catholicism is about how to live authentic, human relationships.  The program, influenced by St. John Paul II’s thought, recognizes that contemporary society is marked by an unprecedented distortion in its understanding of the human person.  This distortion reaches such a depth that it has facilitated the widespread breakdown of marriages and family life and, as a necessary consequence, the subsequent disintegration of society.  Relationships suffer greater disorder the further we wander from living in accord with the truth of the human person.  Our new means of presenting the faith focuses on correcting this mistaken notion of the human person and it provides convincing arguments that the Church can help guide us to the experience of flourishing relationships.  

Our program shows that fulfilling relationships are dictated by the fact we are created in the image of God, Who is a communion of relationships.  However, man's rebellion against God left us wounded and disrupts even today, our ability to live our relationships well.  The entire Catholic faith can be understood in terms of being created in communion with God and one another, this communion being lost, and finally God's work which provides the only remedies to man's lost communion.

What is Different about Made for Communion?

Made for Communion is different from other catechetical programs that explain the faith in a number of ways:

  • It shows how every aspect of the faith fits together under the theme of communion, helping to overcome the widespread perception that Catholicism is simply a set of abstract, archaic, and/or irrelevant rules and ideas, and showing it is a beautifully weaved tapestry of interrelated teachings that fit together as a seamless unity of truth
  • It demonstrates how the truths of the faith are relevant to daily decision-making and are ordered to promoting one’s experience of joy and peace, near and long-term
  • It makes use of St. John Paul II’s methods to demonstrate the relevance of the Church’s teaching to everyone by allowing one to confirm them as true based upon his personal experiences
  • It uses a personalist approach to overcome a major risk of catechetical instruction, which can allow the hearer to understand and even agree with what is being said while keeping a “safe distance,” allowing him to avoid comparing how he is living his life with the truths of the faith

Funding Requirements

The total cost of filming and producing the program is estimated at $40,000, a reasonable cost for the quality of production demanded today.  Here is a breakout of where this money will go:

  • Storyboards, filming and production: $25,000

  • Studyguide final editing and layout, and production:  $5,000

  • Distribution and marketing: $10,000

Can you help?

For small gifts (less than $500) please   .

For larger gifts, please consider sending a check to: Mother of the Americas Institute, 9403 Owl Hollow, Helotes, TX 78023 (this will save us a 3% service charge).

If you would like to speak with us, please feel free to contact us.

MAI is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  All donations are fully tax deductible.

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Made for Communion Study Guide

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