The Great Mystery

The Great Mystery

The Great Mystery is marriage formation for the new millennium.  We live in a time in which relationships are understood primarily in self-serving terms.  We are formed to think that a relationship is only for the purpose of serving our needs and so it is the other person's responsibility to meet our needs or the relationship is to be discarded.  It is no wonder that inspite of unprecedented "connectivity" we have with others, that as a society we are feeling more and more isolated, and more and more alone.  It is because we do not understand the meaning of who we are and what we are made for.  We do not understand how to live fruitfully in relationships and so all of our relationships suffer.  We find our relationships often times much more a source of pain than of joy.

Marriage is no different.  We are taught that marriage is for the sole purpose of our happiness and that it is our spouse's responsibility to make us happy.  This redefinition of marriage reduces it to a fool's errand.  It is no wonder fewer couples are entering marriage and of those who do, they are increasingly reporting low levels of satisfaction with it.  We live in a time when we need not only to understand the truth of the human person and marriage, but we also need practice in building habits that can allow us to live out our relationships in a fruitful way.  In a word, we need not just education about marriage, we need formation.  Unfortunately, after reviewing the best and the most popular marriage preparation programs, while most have their strenghts, we found none that provide integral formation.  The best programs tend to be strong either in practical or in theological education but the two are not draw together within a program of formation.  The Great Mystery fills this gap.

The Great Mystery has published the first edition of a book and couples guide that can be ordered through Amazon.  We are currently in the midst of developing and validating an accompanying couples inventory.  When the inventory is complete, we will then turn to developing a facilitator formation program.  Follow us as we proceed in the development of this exciting program.  If you would like to support the development of The Great Mystery financially, please go to our Support Page.

You can find The Great Mystery books at the following links:       Book        Couples Guide

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