Theology of the Mystical Body

This video series provides a sketch of a comprehensive catechesis that is systematic, comprehensive and integrative but at the same time is personalistic and kerygmatic.  It uses Saint John Paul II's Theology of the Body as its inspiration in terms of content, method and means of expression.  It was originally prepared for the Pilgrim Center of Hope's television program Catholicism Live broadcast locally on CTSA in the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Episode 1 - “Theology of the Mystical Body": An overview of the series

Episode 2 - “Know Thyself”: A catechesis on the human person

Episode 3 - “This Valley of Tears”: A catechesis of creation and the fall

Episode 4 -  “Jesus’ Body”: a catechesis on the Paschal Mystery

Episode 5 -  “Christ’s Body”: a catechesis on the Church

Episode 6 -  “Offer It Up”: a catechesis on the liturgy, Sacraments and their place in the spiritual life

Episode 7 -  “It’s Not Hard, But It Is Humanly Impossible”: a catechesis on the moral life

Episode 8:  “Earth in Heaven”: a catechesis on the Last Things

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