Amber Delaney

Amber Delaney, RN, BSN is a Pharmaceutical Executive leading a team of nearly 100 commercial employees across the US.  Amber currently serves as Secretary and Member of our Board of Directors.  A Catholic Convert, she has taken on the challenge of living in a business world that takes Christ out of Corporate America, Christ out of Medicine, and Christ out of Marriage.  She believes that she is a better corporate citizen by bringing the Catholic Faith to the dialogue.  Her background includes nearly 20 years experience in Corporate & People Leadership positions within the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical and Healthcare industries.  She has faced many challenges along the way including working with/managing people with same sex attraction, confronting embryonic stem cell research, helping colleagues struggle through post abortion situations and being a good corporate citizen.  Amber was raised in the Baptist and Evangelical Faiths; she converted to Catholicism in 2000.  Amber has been happily married for over 21 years and resides in San Antonio.  Amber also helped found the San Antonio Coalition for Life, which is a key prolife organization in Texas. 



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