The Great Mystery Couples Inventory Validation Project

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The Great Mystery Marriage formation program is an innovative approach to helping couples prepare for a flourishing marriage in a society that is perhaps history's most destructive to joy-filled relationships.  We require at least 200 couples to take our Inventory so we can validate our questions.  Couples may be discerning marriage, engaged, newly married or may be married for many years.  The questions will be aimed at couples before marriage, so for couples already married please answer as you would have when you were engaged.  Please take the instrument separately and do not discuss the questions until both are finished.  The way the average person interprets the questions will help us to understand whether we need to adjust the way we phrase any questions.  The instrument can be completed over several sessions.  If you save and exit, you will rejoin it where you left off.  Please expect a total of about 60-80 minutes for completing this inventory.  If you have any feedback for us after completing the inventory, please use the bottom communication form.

If you would like to help us, please register in the form below and you will get an email from The Great Mystery with instructions for taking the inventory. 

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