Men and Women in Today’s Marriage Market

December 29, 2014

Mother of the Americas Institute Presents: Mark Regnerus, PhD: Dr. Regnerus will be giving a talk entitled: Men and Women in Today’s Marriage Market.  Professor Mark Regnerus is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin.  He recently made national news with his ground-breaking research demonstrating that children raised by same-sex partners fare worse than those raised in families headed by a father and a mother.  He recently has begun to look at the issue of sexual complementarity in marriages.  Dr. Regnerus recently came into full communion with the Catholic Church.  Please join us on Sunday, January 11th at 3:30pm at Our Lady of the Atonement, 15415 Red Robin Road, San Antonio, Texas 78255 to hear Dr. Regnerus discuss his latest research.  The talk will be held in the Atonement Academy’s Common Room.  

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