Prayer and the Marriage Covenant I

Wedding Couple Bowing In Prayer
February 18, 2018

The Intimacy of Three

We are moving to our last topic in our series on covenant spirituality; the place of prayer in marriage and family life.  The Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote an important book about married spirituality he entitled, Three to Get Married in which he emphasizes the difficulty of married life for fallen human persons.  In fact, without the societal support for this challenging vocation, a couple that tries to live married life without God is more likely than not to end in a failed marriage.  To overcome concupiscence and the negative effects of a society that encourages marriage destructive mindsets and behaviors, a deep life of prayer is essential.  A couple who consistently prays together will increase in their intimate love for God and for one another.  Remember, that prayer is nothing other than communication with God, an intimate form of communion.  The family’s prayer life should consist of regular family prayer time, liturgical prayer together, and the encouragement of individual prayer.

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