A Call to Courtship? How to Date Intentionally

Call to Courtship? How to Date Intentionally
February 23, 2024

Young people often express their desire for authentic friendship and their struggle to find a community. Without any in-person connections, more and more people are turning to online dating, which by its nature can make one feel even more isolated and misunerstood. 


The Need to Date Intentionally

All of this and more have lead today's adults to increasingly question what the purpose of dating is and how best to go about it. They don't feel prepared and are often frightened of the prospect. Deacon David Delaney, Ph.D., has spent many years counseling young couples in marriage formation programs. Through these formation sessions, he identified a crucial need for instilling virtues long before couples even consider setting a wedding date.

During the first Dating and Marriage Conference held in San Antonio, Deacon Delaney advised the audience on how to build the virtues required for a healthy relationship and advocated for the need to revive the long held practice of courtship


Why Formaiton of Virtues Must Come First

In a world increasingly dominated by smartphones and the dopamine addiction they perpetuate, Deacon Delaney urged self-awareness, noting that many are already grappling with a deficit in the resources needed to break free from self-centric patterns. "Virtue is nothing other than having the freedom to say 'no' to ourselves, so that we can say 'yes' to the good of the other," Delaney explained. 


Putting Theology Into Practice

Delaney's unique ability to relate theology and salvation history within the context of relationships helped audience members to connect the dots between the Church's teaching of marriage and what it means for how we are to behave. Ultimately, the formation of virtue is necessary to become more Christ-like. Christ makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving his own life, for the good of the Church and so we are also called to empty our selves for the good of our spouse within the sacrament of marriage.

Watch Deacon Delaney's presentation below:


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